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Waterman's Royal Arms Bullion Blazer Crest


Hand gold and silver embroidered blazer patch featuring the Royal Lion and Unicorn and the words "Dieu - Et Mon-Droit" or "God and my right " the motto of the British monarch.

In fact, he story of the Waterman's Royal Arms intertwines with the history of the Kings and Queens of England.  Until the middle of the nineteenth century the Sovereign regularly travelled on the river Thames, either on State occasions or between the Royal Palaces of Windsor, Westminster, Hampton Court, Greenwich and the Tower of London.

The men who rowed the Royal Barges up and down the River Thames were known as Royal Watermen. The Sovereign today still retains 24 Royal Watermen under the command of The Queen's Bargemaster, thereby continuing one of the most ancient appointments in the Royal Household.  The original number of 48 was halved by King Edward VII.

We are proud to have the worlds most prestigious hand embroiderer now represented on Maker & Company. Each badge features luxury gold bullion wire, silks and cottons, with the making of each one an exacting art. Every piece of wire is individually cut and placed by hand to produce a finely detailed and exquisite example of the art of embroidery.


  • Hand stitched by Master craftspeople
  • Materials: Gold & Silver Bullion on Felt
  • Size: 9cm x 9 cm or 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in England
Hand & Lock have 250 years experience embellishing, embroidering and monogramming garments for the Royal family, the English military and fashion houses including Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

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