Michael Kanners

Michael Kanners wolf cufflinks


One of a kind....literally.

The eyes, the nose, the subtle shading in the fossilized wood- you can choose which of these fine details is the most impressive, but when combined, they are what make the cufflinks so exceptional. Fossilized wood is found in all colors and tones, but only the finest carver knows how to maximize it's beauty. The careful choice of where to carve into the wood is what makes these wolves so beautiful and realistic. The reverse features an impression of a wolf's paw print in a lighter shade of wood. Custom mounted in 18kt gold.

Described by Departures Magazine as, “being a hit with men searching for cufflinks that are neither overly stuffy, nor just another whimsical gimmick”. Cufflinks designed by Michael Kanners are always unique and are already becoming prized collector’s items.

  • Metal: 18k Gold
  • Stone: Rock Crystal,Onyx
  • Stone Cut: Mixed Cut
  • Dimensions: Width: 0.73 in. (18.5 mm)Depth: 0.54 in. (13.5 mm)Length: 0.77 in. (19.5 mm)
One of a kind, handmade cufflinks and dress sets.

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