Michael Kanners

Michael Kanners poker dress set cufflinks & studs


One of a kind....literally.

The Royal Flush dress set seems like a magic trick, as each piece is carved from a single stone. The stone is called banded agate, due to the differently colored layers within the stone and you can take a look at the last image to see what the rough stone looks like. The expert stone cutter achieves the design through careful positioning and carving down to the desired layer. The cufflinks depict a royal flush, while the four shirt studs each portray a different winning hand. No attention to detail has been spared and this fantastic dress set is truly a winner.

Described by Departures Magazine as being a hit with men searching for cufflinks that are neither overly stuffy, nor just another whimsical gimmick. These are a perfect example of my work. Rare and always unique, they are already becoming prized collector's items.

  • Metal: 18k Gold
  • Stone: Agate
  • Stone Cut: Cabochon
  • Dimensions: Width: 0.6 in. (15 mm)Length: 0.6 in. (15 mm)
  • Sold As: Set of 6
One of a kind, handmade cufflinks and dress sets.

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