Michael Kanners

Michael Kanners hobo art buffalo nickel cufflinks


One of a kind....literally.

Hobo Art is a term referring to art made of found objects - mainly wood, toothpicks, discarded cigar boxes, crates, pallets or in this case coins - and often whittled into layers featuring geometric shapes.   This art form has been traced back to the 1870s and began to die out in the 1940s.  Using this art form as inspiration Michael created these buffalo head cufflinks juxtaposing the historical with the modern by adding a mask on the figure on the 1936 and 1937 nickels. The engraving and mounting for this set of cufflinks was done in Bologna, Italy.

Described by Departures Magazine as, “being a hit with men searching for cufflinks that are neither overly stuffy, nor just another whimsical gimmick”. Cufflinks designed by Michael Kanners are always unique and are already becoming prized collector’s items.

  • Setting: 18kt Rose Gold



One of a kind, handmade cufflinks and dress sets.

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