Michael Kanners

Michael Kanners golf clubhead cufflinks


One of a kind....literally.

You cannot possibly find more detail, this finely done, on such a small scale. The driver is carved from fossilized wood and then inlaid with hematite, while the golf ball is carved from cocholong, each dimple being done by hand. Connecting the front and back is an 18kt yellow gold bar, shaped and polished to portray a wooden tee. Optional shirt studs in the form of the golf balls are available for $1,500.00/each to make a complete dress set. You will not find another jeweler's work on a par with these. The stone carvings are done by one of the finest artisans in Germany and then expertly mounted in the USA. Delivered in the finest Italian suede and leather gift box.
Described by Departures Magazine as being a hit with men searching for cufflinks that are neither overly stuffy, nor just another whimsical gimmick. These are a perfect example of my work. Rare and always unique, they are already becoming prized collector's items.
One of a kind, handmade cufflinks and dress sets.

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