Michael Kanners

Michael Kanners carved gemstone red wine cufflinks


One of a kind....literally.

For the true connoisseur of fine wines, these are the absolute finest wine themed cufflinks. The work involved in their creation is as painstaking, and nearly as time consuming, as the vintage wine which is represented. The bottle is carved from rhodolite garnet and red jasper, perfectly replicating the original. The label is a single piece of rock crystal quartz, carved from behind and then carefully enameled using acupuncture needles in order to obtain the finest detail. This piece of rock crystal is then expertly inlaid into the bottle. The spring back is discretely embedded in a fossilized wood carving of a cork and the handmade mounting is in 18kt yellow gold. Such work makes these cufflinks even rarer than the actual wine. Made in Germany. Delivered in the finest Italian suede and leather gift box.

Described by Departures Magazine as being a hit with men searching for cufflinks that are neither overly stuffy, nor just another whimsical gimmick. These are a perfect example of my work. Rare and always unique, they are already becoming prized collector's items.
  • Dimensions
    Height: 0.28 in. (7 mm)Width: 0.34 in. (8.5 mm)Length: 0.95 in. (24 mm)
  • Metal: 18k Gold
  • Stone: Garnet,Rock Crystal
  • Stone Cut: Mixed Cut
One of a kind, handmade cufflinks and dress sets.

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