Foundwell Men's Sterling Silver Ring with Lapis

A sterling silver signet ring set with a flush piece of hand selected Lapis lazuli.  This beautiful and varied royal blue color, with natural gold flecks throughout, sits beautifully against the sterling silver mount.  The setting of the stone is hand cut and set by a master lapidarist making sure each stone meets the edge of the setting and is polished flush to the rings surface. Each ring shank is cast and hand polished in the Foundwell workshop in London.  This more geometric and modern take on a classic piece of jewelry can sit comfortably on either a pinkie or ring finger, with the contour of the ring drawing the eye.
The ring features the maker's hallmark which consists of four marks: 
1. Date letter for 2019
2. Leopard's head for London
3. Lion for England
4. Foundwell maker's mark
  • Dimensions: Face 5/8" X 5/8"
  • Ring Size: 8 (this item can be easily resized before shipping)
  • Hallmarks: Inside band
Antiques of the future.

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