Foundwell Men's Sterling Silver ID Bracelet

A sterling silver play on the "classic" I.D bracelet.  This approach was to take the identifier plaque element, and repeat this around the bracelet, making it the part of the link structure, as opposed to the standard, one off 'center piece'. 
Hand crafted in America, the cast pieces have to be hand finished and hand assembled as there is no simple machine way of making this design.  The folding latch clasp has three small sizing options that can allow for a little extra room, depending on wrist size.  As a result of this type of manufacturing and design of the bracelet, it is curved, comfortably tracing the shape of the wrist.  The hand finishing gives the silver a slightly 'vintage' feel. 
These bracelets are extremely rare.  Due to complexities of manufacturing, they are made in very small numbers, and are exclusively found on Maker and the Foundwell website.
This item can be made in gold as well, inquire via email for pricing.
  • Dimensions: 8.25" Long & 1/2" Wide
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Made in USA
Antiques of the future.

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