Irish Linen Skull Beach Towel


As rock and roll as it comes, we found this incredibly unique piece in Northern Ireland from (normally)  traditional Irish Linen weaver Fergusons.  The  beautifully depicted skull motif was inspired by sleeve tattoos and are only added to by the phrase "If Not Now, Then When?"

Why Irish Linen you ask...?  Irish Linen is the Rolls Royce of fabric. This linen absorbs water better than most fabrics and does not "lint" making it excellent for drying. Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres known to man and of all the textile fibers is the one which washes best. Linen actually increases about 20% in strength on wetting, giving it greater longevity than, for example cotton. The sails of clipper ships, such as the Cutty Sark, were made from flax linen as were many fighters throughout the history of the RAF.

Large scale and very functional, this towel is fantastic for drying, light weight, folds away small. Ideal for travel.

Need a full set of towels?  We can pre-order this design in as many as you need with delivery in 3-4 weeks.

  • Content: 100% Pure Irish Linen
  • Care: Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Size: 55" x 72" (140 cm x 183cm)
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • 1" side hem & 5" top hem
Irish Linen since 1854.

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