Foundwell Necklace with Mammoth Tusk Harpoon Charm

A beautiful piece of jewelry inspired by the wonders of the sea.
This unique nautical inspired necklace made from sterling silver anchor link chain with hand made 18ct rose gold shackle and snubber hook fittings. Each element of this finely hand crafted piece reflect elements of maritime history. All of which support a superbly, fully hand carved harpoon head, inspired by a found ancient Inuit harpoon used for hunting in the depths of the frozen seas. This superbly crafted pendant is carved from a sourced piece of fossilized Wooly Mammoth tusk. Each one uniquely detailed with its own rich color pattern running through it.

The uniquely designed necklace can be worn in any length desired. Thanks to a Foundwell proprietary design using the snubber hook detail, it can be slid over the side profile of the anchor chain link, then gently squeezed to clamp it over. It can be worn in a “traditional” way, or closer to the neck to hang longer.

The harpoon itself is hand carved by a highly skilled artisan who works at his bench full time in the Caribbean. He has a deep love and knowledge base of the history of everything maritime, including a knowledge of ancient sea hunting tools.
    Antiques of the future.

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