Audrey LR

Organic, hand-dyed T-shirt in Parchment


The perfect fitting, luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton hand dyed with foraged bark from a fallen tree, healing plant leaves, chaga, pale pink organic wild roses, pink Himalayan salt and activated fallen tree charcoal.

 This t-shirt is unisex.

Image 1, 2, 3 worn by Ronyca in a men's Large fit with ecru sweatpants Photo by Mara Corsino

Image 4 worn by Ronyca in a women's medium fit Photo by Mara Corsino

Image 5 worn by Diana in WOMENS MEDIUM fit with pinks sweatpants in a s/m. Photo by BRENDAN BURKE

Dubbed the fashion worlds artisinal dyer by the NYTimes. Audrey Louise Reynolds uses right and left-brained instincts to create her dyes. All-natural ingredients, foraged and sourced from daily life, travels, and unexpected encounters. 

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