Hand & Lock

HometownLondon, England SpecialtyBullion Hand Embroidery Est.1767

Hand & Lock are London's premier embroidery house providing embellishment services to the Royal Family, top European design houses, the Royal Armed Forces, Savile Row and members of the public. Founded in 1767, they invented the art of the gold bullion blazer badge.

Since its formation, the London-based firm has had a military bent. M. Hand, the French Huguenot refugee who founded what would become Lock & Co, kick-started the company by creating goldwork military badges and accoutrements that could be sold to military tailors.

To create its embroidery, Hand & Lock works with materials ranging from luxurious 25-karat gold thread to simple black bin liners and paint brush bristles. 

Our selection of Hand & Lock bullion blazer crests are a testament to the firm’s history and craftsmanship. Among the selection are sigils of famed British regiments including the silver bullion “Death or Glory” patch announcing the 17th Lancers, Saint George’s defeat of the dragon rendered in gold bullion, and the Waterman’s Royal Arms in gold and silver bullion.