Glen Allsop

HometownSydney, Australia SpecialtyFine Art Photography Est.1984

Originally from Sydney Australia, Glen is a photographer who seeks authenticity and a sense of atmosphere in his work.  You may recognize his work from collaborations with Eidos, Ring Jacket, Hodinkee, P. Johnson Tailors or from his exquisitely photographs of highly collectable vintage sports cars (1972 365 GTB "Daytona" anyone?)

With his love of natural light, Defenders and Negronis, he captures portraits, places and processes with a discerning eye for detail.  Glen has the rare ability to find intriguing images in moments and subjects that are entirely unposed and uncontrived. 

We have worked with Glen to curate an exclusive selection of his work that are the still moments of a life well lived, shot from Montauk to Ischia.

After seven years residing in New York City, Glen currently lives and works in East Hampton with his wife Amee and two sons, Navy and Finn.