HometownLondon & New York SpecialtySilversmith, Antiques & Artisan Made Leathergoods Est.2009

Founder of Foundwell, Alan Bedwell, literally grew up in the antiques business helping his mother source antiques for her store in the famed Gray's Antique Market in London. Alan then became a lead designer at Ralph Lauren Purple Label, helping create new product based on vintage inspiration as well as sourcing many of the gentlemen's antiques sold by the brand.

Foundwell was established in 2009 bringing together a collection of the finest vintage and antique pieces sourced from all over the world.  
The aim is to bring together collections of unique, interesting and inspiring pieces that reflect the best in design, craftsmanship and manufacturing from the last two hundred years. They are focused mainly on items for the modern gentleman, but also include any and all special pieces that get unearthed along the way.  

Maker & Co is lucky enough to be  introducing Foundwell designed and crafted collections using traditional materials and techniques of production to create the antiques of the future.

Foundwell is based in New York and London, working with a select group of high end, luxury retail outlets both online and in stores.