Fergusons Irish Linen

HometownBanbridge, Ireland SpecialtyLuxury Irish Linen Weavers Est.1854

Founded in 1854, Fergusons is the Rolls Royce of weavers of Irish Linen.

After over 165 years in business Fergusons is one of a handful of Irish Linen weavers who have survived based on the outstanding quality of their product. They make napkins and table clothes for the Queen no less!  

Thomas Ferguson is involved in the design, weaving, cutting, stitching, finishing and packaging of Irish linen articles. Over 95% of all items sold are made, or have work done on them, in their premises, and 100% of all damask linens. They are mostly luxury linens and are made in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Woven in the Thomas Ferguson factory Banbridge, County Down.