Ernest Wright

HometownSheffield, England SpecialtyScissors & Shears Est.1902


The history of Ernest Wright reflects everything Sheffield Steel has become famous for: Highly skilled craftsmen making supreme quality products. 

The Wright family have been involved in the boring, hardening and tempering of scissors since at least the 1800’s. Then, Ernest Wright, followed in his father’s footsteps as a ‘Master Scissor Putter-togetherer’, to ultimately found the company in 1902. After a century of market ups and downs while honing their craft, Ernest Wright found itself near collapse.


Fortunately, Paul Jacobs and Jan Bart Fanoy could simply not accept the fact that after 116 years, the art of scissor-making was on the verge of disappearing from Sheffield. They took action with the single objective to rescue a great brand, product and heritage. Among the first things they did was to re-hire Eric and Cliff, the remaining master putters and take on Sam Clark, a new apprentice. Former employee Pam Addy came back and Peter van Mameren was put in charge of running the factory. 


In today’s world, where everything is moving quickly across multiple screens, we see a renewed interest in real, supreme quality products that reflect -and deserve- the love and attention that has been put into them. And judging by the fantastic emails we receive from people around the world, we are confident that we can bring Ernest Wright back to its former glory and keep the heritage alive. Doing it the Wright way!