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Always interested in making things, Sofia Gruss began working at a local tailored menswear brand and witnessed the shift from producing wool fabric suits locally to producing them in Asia using more affordable, yet lower quality materials. She loved what she did and grew professionally rather quickly. But she watched as local textile and fashion manufacturing facilities shut down as Asian giants purchased raw materials to process them overseas. She saw firsthand how the quality of the  clothing dropped.

Never one to sit out a challenge, she felt something had to be done; someone had to take the first step.

In usual Uruguayan spirit, she jumped at the challenge,  quit her job and began to work on building a brand that could show the world the amazingness of her homeland.

One small step can become a giant leap. So, inspired by those with daring heart-led minds who take things a step further, she decided to create a company that truly honored the old-school crafting of boots and shoes, with a modern twist and unique design touches. And she wanted them to be manufactured in Uruguay, using the best leathers available.

Cápita was born. 

We pay attention to the little things. Our products are carefully executed. Finishes determine the quality of a product. We aim for impeccable finishes inspired by textures we find in nature. 

We want to be part of a sustainable supply chain, promoting the recovery and development of Uruguay's leather manufacturing industry.

We like to stand out for what we consider the right reasons: quality, ethics, depth, passion.