Barker Black

HometownNorthampton, England SpecialtyFootwear Est.1880


Barker Black is the epitome of modern English refinement. Established in the village of Earls Barton in 1880 by Arthur Barker, the Barker factory quickly became renowned for its craftsmen and fine workmanship. Specializing in the "Good Year Welted" construction, the shoes became a staple in the wardrobe of every self-respecting Englishman. 

Barker Black's core collection is inspired by an ancient regiment of British guardsmen, the 17th Lancers. The Regiment’s original logo, a skull and crossbones with a banner posting their motto "...or glory" implying 'Death or Glory' is the foundation of Barker Black’s subversive attitude.


Barker Black was founded as the modern alternative to Barker Shoes. With their sleek design and time-tested construction, Barker Black shoes and accessories have a playful spirit but are appropriate in even the strictest workplace. Barker Black upholds the standards established by generations of renowned craftsmen but with modern styling that brings excitement back to dressing.