About Us


What is Maker & Company?

Undiscovered luxury artisans and collections from independent manufacturers all on one easy platform. Who has time to search obscure Makers online, not only do we find the best and brightest Makers from around the world, we also vouch for the quality of their products. Curating a collection that is both stylish and well made….hopefully making life a little more luxurious along the way.

How it Works

Maker & Company elegantly curates the best artisan made products from around the globe, creating an expertly curated shopping experience for you and a top-notch platform for otherwise hard to find products.

The Legacy

Maker & Company was founded in 2011 by Chris Crowley a lover of style and a believer in the the quality of artisan manufacturing. The original mission statement for the brand we keep dear to our hearts “We celebrate the Makers, the tailors and craftspeople” . After Chris’s passing all to early in the launch of the business, we have used his original vision, to support Makers as our path. With the Marketplace website format we are literally able to reach a wider audience of customers interested in fine things than any of the Makers could achieve on their own. We take great pride in continuing Chris’ original vision of supporting artisans of all types.

The Curator

Derrick Miller: A veteran of the men’s fashion industry, Derrick began as a editor at the legendary GQ magazine, wrote Ralph Lauren (the man) a letter and was hired onto his men’s design team working on the Haberdashery product and creating concepts for the collections. The entrepreneurial spirit took over and Derrick created and founded Barker Black a shoe company based in Northampton, England and Miller’s Oath a bespoke tailor shop with outposts in New York and Santa Barbara.

Derrick has been named to GQ’s top 100 most fashionable men and has been the subject of many fashion editorial stories who better to root out the worlds best Makers and highlight their best wares?!? We are also lucky enough to have his input on design, all of the Maker & Company product is his design as well.