Skulls in menswear

You may have noticed several of our products have skulls, the interest in the skull motif and what it represents goes way back for me. I love the idea of subtly melding subversive motifs into classic menswear when creating Barker Black for example the tacking on the bottom of the shoes or the punching on the toe was a perfectly "hidden" place to add some drama.  I have always loved the rock'n'roll spirit the skull represents, the non-conformist and renegade.  The product that conveys what I love most about the skull is the Barker Black Velvet Slipper (see them here), hyper-elegant, incredible bullion hand-embroidery with a shot of rebellion on the toe it shows the world that even in your tuxedo you are an individual.

The Irish Linen beach towel from Ferguson's is another favorite (see it here), this motif is incredibly abstract until the design finally falls into full view, almost hidden because of the scale a beach towel allows.  The design itself is incredibly detailed  it is almost photographic.

I also love the idea of the rock n roll blazer badge, impeccably made by hand in a workshop in London our 17th Lancer badges (see them here) look as cool on a leather jacket as they do on your club blazer,

While we agree that the motif in fashion is a bit overused, the elegance, sophistication and craftsmanship of these items puts them in a class of their own.

Style is synonymus with originality-how you transmute the things you've seen into something you haven't.

Jay Fielden