How to wear: Velvet Slippers

Are they for home? For formal occasions? The boat?  How can one shoe be perfectly at home in all of these environments?!?  Velvet slippers have evolved since they were introduced in the English castle as a way to keep his highness' feet away from the cold stone.  They have developed into a powerful weapon on style these days.

We prefer the hand bullion embroidery slippers to machine stitched embroideries.  There is a craft, a true art to hand embroidery (...see future blog post coming soon). This type of embroidery takes on a life of its own and even tarnishes (in the best way possible) over time.

One of the most well-rounded uses of the velvet slipper can be seen on Tomoyoshi Takada, Creative Director of Colony Clothing in Singapore. Shown below in a suit and wearing the Barker Black Logo Slippers, he embraces the high/low versatility of the slippers wearing them with everything from: tuxedos to suits to ripped jeans

We would say you are safe using the velvet slippers as long as you embrace the two arena where they perform best: 

1. Formal and very dressy occasions

2. Hyper-casual settings

The key to dressing with velvet slippers is to introduce a good amount of confidence and attitude...own it.

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